The rules of the project

I invited ten curators, or curatorial collectives, to work with me. They were each to send me to Paris with a commission, a task to be carried out.  I was to go to Paris, follow the precisely defined instructions and carry out the assignment.  On my return to Zagreb, I created and put on in the Museum of Contemporary Art a performance or an installation, making use of the material I accumulated carrying out the commission.  The work was able to comment on the commission and also on its effectuation. By the rules of the project, my relationship with the client was precisely defined.  Every client had complete freedom to decide on the nature of the order and the way it was to be carried out. As the performer, I had complete freedom to use all parts of it for the production of the work, the performance or installation.  I was not to intervene in the definition of the commission, and the client was not to intervene in the preparation and implementation of the work.

List of commissions and works produced:

Commission 1: Conversation with Ida Baird

Commissioned by: Iva Radmila Janković, curator at Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

Title: Ethics of a Hero

Commission 2: Exhibition of Valérie Jouve in Klovićevi dvori, 2013

Commissioned by: Marina Viculin, curator at Klovićevi dvori gallery

Title: Valérie Jouve, first time

Commission 3: Vinyl of The Velvet Undergrond & Nico in the Andy Warhol Sleeve

Commissioned by: Feđa Vukić, design theorist

Title: Velvet Melancholy

Commission 4: Meeting and conversation with Miriam Cendrars, daughter of the French avant-garde writer Blaise Cendrars

Commissioned by: Kornel Šeper, URK or Association for the Development of Culture

Title: The Drummer

Commission 5: Turn your skin inside out so we can see if there is any blood underneath

Commissioned by: BLOK / Ivana Hanaček, Vesna Vuković

Title: Let’s see what’s under the skin

Commission 6: In public space and in the public form of an artwork, show us your life in Paris

Commissioned by: Evelina Turković, editor at the Croatian Radio Third Programme

Title: Some old songs

Commission 7: ?

Commissioned by: DeLe/Ivana Bago

Title: The Letter

Commission 8: Potential of the Space

Commissioned by: Irena Bekić, manager of Galerija Prozori / Windows Gallery

Title: Potential of the Space

Commission 9: Potlatch or the utopia of artistic exchange

Commissioned by: Tanja Vrvilo / Film mutations

Title: Read: Boomerang!

Commission 10: Collaboration with Jens Hauser

Commissioned by: Kontejner / Olga Majcen Linn, Sunčica Ostoić

Title: Empathy and Art

Tihomir Milovac: Text What did Amela bear?

Author : Amela Frankl


Iva Radmila Janković

Marina Viculin+

Feđa Vukić

Kornel Šeper

BLOK/ Ivana Hanaček, Vesna Vuković

Evelina Turković

DeLVe, Ivana Bago

Irena Bekić

Tanja Vrvilo

Kontejner/ Sunčica Ostoić, Olga Majcen Linn

Photography: Boris Cvjetanović, Žarko Vijatović, Milan Božić, William Linn, Amela Frankl

Postproduction: Miran Krčadinac

Project curator: Tihomir Milovac

Translations from french: Vanda Mikšić, Danka Šošić, Amela Frankl

English translation: Graham McMaster

Produced in the period from April 2011 to January 2013 in Paris and Zagreb, in association with the Experimental and Research Department of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, curated by Tihomir Milovac

The project What I Bear was funded with resources from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia