Amela Frankl

Born in Zagreb in 1963

BFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1988

Lives and works in Zagreb

„Keeeping then to first person speech, the artist in a sense spares the other. At the same time, precisely in this way it leaves us to determine our own stance, to occupy a position.“
(Ružica Šimunović: The Face, catalogue This too shall pass, ISU Zagreb, 2017)

Productions (a selection since 2010)

All I Can, Ligatura, Sisters of Charity Hospital, Zagreb, 2023

Black Glass on the Way, Museum of Fine Arts Osijek, Salon Galić, Split, 2023

A Stone on a Branch, Josip Račić Gallery-National Museum of Modern Art Zagreb, 2023

Something Like a Blackout, LexArt Depo, Zagreb, 2023

Hadidja and Harmattan, AŽ Gallery, Zagreb, 2023

One by One/Uno per uno/ Jedan po jedan, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy, 2022

A Large Parcel, performance in public space, Zagreb, 2022

PK 22, Varaždin Municipal Museum, Program Something Else Gallery, Varaždin, 2021

Diary From the Edge of the Desert, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, 2021

This Too Shall Pass, Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2017

What I Bear, editorial project, Edition Meandar Media, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Amela Frankl, Zagreb, 2016

A Ballad of Two Grave Blocks, Zrinjevac Park, Zagreb, 2015

For a Beginning, Koprivnica Old Synagogue, 2013

What I Bear, project with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Zagreb – Paris, 2011-2013.

At the Fountain of Life, Meštrović Studio, Zagreb, 2011

The Name of My Father, Picture of Sound broadcast on the Third Programme of Croatian Radio, 2011

With and Without Them, Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Minds Festival, Zagreb, 2010

To the Bone, Labin Municipal Gallery, Labin, 2010