Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb

ISBN: 978-953-8027-08-6
72 pages, 19 color images 20 x 13 cm
bilingual (Croatian / English), softcover
Editors: Amela Frankl and Janka Vukmir
Texts: Ružica Šimunović, Marija Selak, Amela Frankl
Photographs: Boris Cvjetanović, Miran Krčadinac
Design: Igor Kuduz
Translation: Graham McMaster

The publication follows the exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Art in 2017, curated by Ružica Šimunović. The exhibition has embraced three projects For a Beginning, A Ballad of two grave Blocks,This too shall pass that speak of “Three unfinished stories. About the consequences of historical and social events, the individual and the community, about the unspoken facts, about the inherited family burden that commits, the transmission. Topics are old, sensitive, often overlapping, suppressed.“ AF

Text Ružica Šimunović Face

Text Marija Selak Remebering Forgetting